Twofold Designs

At Twofold Designs, we value the attention to detail, care, and quality of the handmade and hand-crafted usable object. We strive to create well designed and well made products with fun and engaging designs and patterns, allowing customers to experience and interact with our unique products that have been handmade with care.

In partnership with colleague Carol Chu, designed fabricated, and produced a line of hand screen-printed and quilted make-up pouches and electronic cases. Together we created our own brand, Twofold Designs, which we marked to the public.

Resized TD Sleeves

Twofold Designs: Sleeves
 The small sleeve is suitable for iPad, the larger sleeve a 13” or 15″ laptop, as well folders and paperwork. Each sleeve is hand-printed and has double the amount of quilting for extra padding and protection. One has a choice of gray leather or colored fabric for the bottom of the sleeve.
Small Sleeve: 9 x 7 inches • Large Sleeve: 16 x 11 inches

Resized TD Pouches

Twofold Designs: Lined Pouches
These products are suitable for pencils/writing supplies, makeup, toiletries/travel. Each pouch is hand-printed and quilted for extra padding and protection. Each pouch also contains a plastic lining to protect the fabric from leaks and spills.
Small Pouch: 1.5 h x 5 w x 7.5 l inches • Large Pouch: 4 h x 6.5 w x 9.5 l inches