Occupational Attire

Presented here is a personal project where I designed four on-trend business wear looks for the corporate working woman. Designed for the Spring 2019 season.

Artboard 1
Sketches Looks 1 and 2
Sketches 1
Sketches Looks 3 and 4


Final_Skirt Set
Look 1: Knit Top with Plaid Skirt & Crossbody Bag
Final_Skirt Set Mini
Look 1 Callout Details
Artwork Callouts
Final_Short Set
Look 2: Suit Jacket, Coordinating Shorts, Strappy Tank with Tote Bag
Final_Short Set Mini
Look 2 Callouts Details
Final_Pink Floral
Artwork Callouts
Final_Printed Pant
Look 3: Woven Top with Printed Floral Dress Pants & Clutch
Final_Floral Pant Mini
Look 3 Callout Details
Business Wear Project_70s Set
Look 4: Suit Top and Coordinating Flare Pants, with Crepe Top and Printed Neckerchief
Final_70s Outfit Mini
Look 4 Callout Details
Final_Blue Floral
Artwork Callouts