This women’s ready-to-wear collection utilizes pattern to rethink how women dress for the workplace and what it means to “dress for success.” Florescence, a state of blossoming and achievement, explores the possibilities of piecing solid and floral patterns together to create layered looks while still using the pattern as a way to break up the body and integrate pops of color. These hand drawn, digitally printed, floral patterns are designed to be graphic, bold statements and are versatile to ensure their use on a multitude of garments and accessories.

This collection is influenced by the shortage of pattern and bold design in the women’s business wear industry, and is also influenced by the desire to address the needs of the young woman first entering the workplace. These garments are designed to not only be comfortable and casual in order to fit into the fast-paced lives of the modern woman, but they are also made to be fun and exciting while still maintaining a level of professionalism. The Florescence line strives to provide a woman with garments that make her feel confident and that will allow her to be an imposing force, while still maintaining her youthful expression of self and fashionable style.

Seen here are images of each look, as well as the performance of Florescence, which was presented at the MICA Experimental Fashion Show in April of 2017.


You Wu @ you-wu.com/photography

Amanda Davies @ www.amandajoycephotography.com


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